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Town of Scotland

Selectman's Corner

January 2020

As I mentioned at our last Board of Selectmen meeting, I have asked our state senator, Mae Flexer, to consider alternatives to the way we fund Regional District 11. In particular, I suggested that the region be funded on a per capita rather than a per student basis. Distributing the costs among the three towns based on their population is one way of equalizing the differences among them.  If the current RD 11 budget of 6.48 million dollars were distributed per capita among the 5700 residents of the three towns, then the assessment would be $1137. At 1680 residents, Scotland's share would be 1.9 million dollars instead of the current 2.5 million. That's a savings of nearly 6 mills, and without taking a penny out of the RD 11 budget.

I think this approach is much more equitable than the current arrangement, which rewards towns that have fewer students in the district. -- a condition entirely subject to demographic luck. It also takes off some of the financial pressure that has led to  bitter argument over RD11, and to expensive and divisive dissolution efforts. It also makes common sense. 

But common sense alone won't do the trick, nor will my conversation with and letters to Sen. Flexer. I need you to chime in as well.  Her email address is Please consider sending her a note suggesting that she bring up this possibility in the coming legislative session, which starts in February. She is on the Education Committee, so she is able to raise bills, and the more she hears from the people who vote for her (or don't), the more likely it is that she will consider doing so.

As always, call or email me with questions or comments.

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