Scotland Town Hall

9 Devotion Rd.
PO Box 122
Scotland, CT 06264 [Google Map]
Phone: 860-423-9634

Town Clerk Hours during Covid Emergency
Monday and Thursday, 9 AM - 1 PM
W  3 PM - 7 PM
Closed Tuesday and Friday
By Appointment Only
Please Call Ahead
860 456 7797 x 102

Specific department hours may vary, and are on their page

For assistance on the website, contact us at 860-456-7797 x101 during normal business hours

Scotland Elementary Board of Education

 P.O. Box 97
68 Brook Road
Scotland, CT  06264
phone -   860 423-0064
FAX - 860 423-0390
School Hours: 8:30am-3:00 pm.
After School Programs: Monday through Thursday 3-4pm.
Office Hours: 8am-4pm
Feeder School: (7th-12th Grade) Parish Hill High School, Chaplin, CT.


Brynn Lipstreu (D)
Term End: 11/16/2021

Scott R. Sears (R)
Term End: 11/21/2023

Sherry L. Smardon (U)
Term End: 11/21/2023

Rodney E. Perry (D)
Term End: 11/21/2023

Steven A. Kurcinik (D)
Term End: 11/16/2021

Cassidy Martin (R)
Term End: 11/21/2023

William Trudelle (U)
Term End: 11/16/2021