Scotland Town Hall

9 Devotion Rd.
PO Box 122
Scotland, CT 06264 [Google Map]
Phone: 860-423-9634

Town Clerk Hours during Covid Emergency
Monday and Thursday, 9 AM - 1 PM
W  3 PM - 7 PM
Closed Tuesday and Friday
By Appointment Only
Please Call Ahead
860 456 7797 x 102

Specific department hours may vary, and are on their page

For assistance on the website, contact us at 860-456-7797 x101 during normal business hours

Registrar of Voters


Registrar of Voters register voters, update and maintain voter lists, maintain voting machines, make voter information available, administer the polling place on election days, and fulfill other requirements mandated by the Office of the Secretary of State.


  • Provide and manage free, impartial and democratic elections
  • Establish and administer voter registration enrollment procedures
  • Maintain and manage accurate voter registration records

Register to Vote

The Voter Registration Form (ED-671) is used for: new voter registration (includes move to a new town), address change (within the same town), name change or party enrollment change are available from the Registrars or from the Town Clerk’s Office during regular Town Hall hours.  The Voter Registration Form and other State of Connecticut Election Forms are available at the Secretary of State website

Once the Registrar receives the application, a confirmation of registration will be mailed to you.
Qualifications for voter registration in Connecticut are as follows:
1) You must be a United States Citizen
2) You must be a resident of a town in which you register
3) You must be at least 17 years old (you can vote when you turn 18)
4) You must not have been convicted of a disfranchising felony, or if so, have been released
from confinement and if applicable, parole

Phone: 860-423-9634, ext 108
P.O. Box 122, 9 Devotion Road, Scotland, CT 06264


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