Scotland Town Hall

9 Devotion Rd.
PO Box 122
Scotland, CT 06264 [Google Map]
Phone: 860-423-9634

Town Clerk Hours during Covid Emergency
Monday and Thursday, 9 AM - 1 PM
W  3 PM - 7 PM
Closed Tuesday and Friday
By Appointment Only
Please Call Ahead
860 456 7797 x 102

Specific department hours may vary, and are on their page

For assistance on the website, contact us at 860-456-7797 x101 during normal business hours




10/1/19 enrollment for RD11
2014 Crime Victims Guide
2015 490 Guide - CT Farm Bureau
2017-18 Approved Budget
2018-19 Approved Budget
2020-21 Approved Budget
Application for Use of Facilities - Recreation Committee
Approved Budget FY 20/21
Audit Reports - Financial Statements
Audit Reports - State Single Audit Report
Cemetery Rules and Regulations
Child Protection Ordinance
Community Hall
Conveyance Tax on Sale of Farm or Forest Land
DEEP Forestry Directory
draft 2020-21 5-year capital plan
Draft Proposed Zoning Regulations 2018
Driveway Permit Policy
Elderly/Totally Disabled Homeowners Exemption Program GL19
Inland Wetlands Application
Inland Wetlands Regulations Part 1
Inland Wetlands Regulations Part 2
Job Description - IWWC, Chair
Job Description - Administrative Assistant
Job Description - Administrator of EMT/FS
Job Description - Animal Control Officer
Job Description - Assessor
Job Description - Assistant Town Clerk
Job Description - BAA, Board Chair
Job Description - Bookkeeper
Job Description - Building Clerk
Job Description - Building Inspector
Job Description - Cemetery Sexton
Job Description - Constable
Job Description - Custodian
Job Description - Deputy ROV
Job Description - EMD
Job Description - EMT/FS
Job Description - Facility Maintenance
Job Description - Fire Marshal
Job Description - First Selectman
Job Description - PZC, Chair
Job Description - PZC, Clerk
Job Description - Recreation Chair
Job Description - Registrar of Voters
Job Description - Road Crew
Job Description - Road Supervisor
Job Description - Selectmen
Job Description - Town Clerk
Job Description - Treasurer
Job Description - Tree Warden
Job Description - WEO
Job Description - Wetlands Clerk
Job Description - ZBA, Chair
Job Description - ZEO
Leasing Town Owned Property Policy
Letter of Application for Totally Disabled Exemption
M-35H Application for Elderly and Totally Disabled Tax Credit
Memo to Solar Companies
Motor Vehicle Credit Proof
New Business Letter
Permanent Absentee Ballot Information
Plan of Conservation and Development 2017
Q & A for 2020 Tax Relief Programs
RD11 19-20 Budget Proposal
RD11 2018-19 Budget
Regional Technology Park
Sales 10.1.2016 to 9.30.2018
Sales since 10.1.18
Tax Collection during Covid-19
Tax Collector Notice
Top 10 Taxpayers
Totally Disabled Exemption Application
Town Clerk during COVID 19
Town Green Policy
Veterans' Programs
Zoning Regulations Approved April 2017