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Local Projects Done Locally

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July 3, 2022
First Selectman's Office
The garage project at the DPW complex is officially ahead of schedule. On Saturday, three days earlier than promised, Kinsman Construction poured the footings and placed the posts. They expect to finish the frame, siding, and roofing in the next couple of weeks. If the overhead doors and other supplies arrive on time, we should be finished by early August. We will then be able to store equipment that has either been outside or kept in other locations. Next up, a new salt shed--with luck this calendar year. 

The DPW project will be done almost entirely by local contractors. Kinsman is from Hampton. Fred Spoerl will be doing the concrete work for the interior floor. The Town road crew, Bill D'Appollonio and Mike Savino, along with Mike's son Anthony, did the site work, using equipment supplied by Twin Hill Farm. Nate Hall, the vice-president of the Scotland Volunteer Fire Department, is  lined up to do the electric work. 

We're lucky to have such talented and dedicated people among us. And there is another one: Brad Vincent, who recently volunteered to paint the front of the Shetucket Grange Hall. Brad donated ten days of labor to  scrape, sand, and paint. He also reglazed the large front window. As anyone driving by can see, the result is impressive. 

Thanks to everyone for their efforts.