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Tax Assessor

(860) 423-9634
(860) 423-3666
Primary Contact:
Kara J Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Town Hall
9 Devotion Road
PO Box 122
Hours of Operation
Thurs. 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. By appointment all other times.


***Personal Property declarations were mailed on 9/30/2021***

GL 2020 MILL Rate
Real Estate + Personal Property – 39.00
Motor Vehicles – 38.00
Last Revaluation - GL 2018
The Assessor’s Office is responsible for preparing the Town’s annual Grand List, which is the assessed value of all property in town as of October 1.  Motor vehicles and personal property are revalued every year and assessed at 70% of the October 1 market value.  Real estate is revalued every five (5) years.  The 70% assessment is fixed for five years, with additions and subtractions for building construction and demolition and other changes in the size of the parcel or its use.  

The Grand List is the basis for determining property taxes.  The mill rate, or tax rate per 1,000 assessment, is calculated by dividing the amount of money the town needs to raise by the Grand List and multiplying by 1,000.  One (1) mill means that for every 1,000 of assessed value, taxes are $1.  

In fiscal year 2021, which ends on June 30, 2021, the mill rate was 42.65 for real estate and personal property and 38.00 for motor vehicles. For every 1,000 assessed value, taxes were $42.65 for real estate and personal property and $38.00 for motor vehicles.

For FY 2021, property taxes raise approximately $4.7 million, or 76% of the town's income. The remainder of the $6.2 million budget comes from state grants and fees paid to the town. 

The Tax Assessor’s duties include:

  • Evaluating property values for each property in town and maintaining the assessment cards on which they are recorded.
  • Recording property transfers and updating assessment records and maps when land is divided. 
  • Assigning house numbers for 911 emergency system.
  • Evaluating property sales for use by the State of Connecticut in distributing education grants and other funding to the Town.
  • Applying tax exemptions and abatements such as veterans, disabled, blind, farm and elderly.
  • Explaining assessment and tax law revisions to property owners.
    Acting as a property information center to residents, the public and Town staff.

If you disagree with your assessment, please discuss it with the Assessor because it may be an administrative change that he or she can make.  You may also visit the Board of Assessment Appeals page, where the process for appealing your assessment is detailed. 

Assessor cards are public records and available for inspection by any member of the public here.
GIS mapping is provided by NECCOG here.

Many of your questions can be answered by referring to the documents listed on this page. 

Motor Vehicle Credits and Removals
You may be eligible for a credit on your taxes if you dispose of a vehicle during the Grand List year.  See this document.  A cancelled plate receipt only shows the vehicle is not registered.  It does not show that you no longer own a vehicle and is insufficient proof to receive a credit. 

The CT DMV has improved its online services for citizens.  Go to  You can cancel your registration, find out if there are any compliance issues, change your driver's license address and change the tax town on your vehicle's registration. 

Your mailing address is for DMV to mail you things.  For those living in Scotland, that would include Scotland addresses with mailing addresses in Hampton, Windham Center, North Windham, Baltic and Canterbury.  For DMV, you must differentiate your mailing address from your tax town.  The tax town is the physical location of the vehicle.  If you do not note the differences when registering a vehicle, the default will be the mailing address town. 

DMV does not notify the assessor when you change your address, cancel a registration or sell, trade,  total, register out of state or junk a vehicle.  That is your responsibility.

Military Motor Vehicle Exemptions
Under Connecticut General Statutes, active duty military members are eligible for the exemption of one motor vehicle from local motor vehicle taxes. To receive the exemption you must be a Connecticut resident and an active member of the armed forces or reserve as of the assessment date, which is October 1st. You must file the Active Duty Form annually in order to continue to receive the exemption.  More information is available here.

Assessment Reductions for Veterans:

To receive a minimum 4,500 assessment reduction for the property tax bill due 7/1/2022,  a DD214 has to be on file in the Town Clerks' office before Oct. 1st, 2021.  The filing is one time only and will be applied every year after the initial filing.  Program information can be found to the right under documents.  If you are a disabled vet, provide a copy of your benefits letter to the Assessor for a higher assessment reduction.

Additional Veteran's program:

This program is income qualifying.  For the calendar year 2020, the limits are $37,600 maximum if a single person household and $45,800 maximum if married.  The application period is Feb. 1 - Oct. 1 and the application is on the list of forms to the right.  VA disability payments and economic stimulus payments do not count as income.  For the 2021 Grand List, the deadline for receipt by the Assessor is October 1, 2021.  Renewal applications are required every 2 years.

If you are a 100% VA determined disabled veteran the income limits are $18,000 for single person households and $21,000 if married.  VA disability, economic stimulus and Social Security income ARE NOT INCLUDED in the income towards the income limits.   

Under Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 10, all program benefits have been automatically renewed for veterans already receiving the Additional Veteran’s Exemption.  You did not need to reapply for the 10/1/2021 Grand List.  Your existing tax exemption will continue for the two-year period covering taxes on the 10/1/2021 and 10/1/2022 Grand Lists.  

Homeowners tax relief:
Homeowners must be at least 65 years of age or totally disabled of any age as of 12/31/2020 and have a 2020 calendar year qualifying income of less than $37,600 if a single person household and $45,800 if married.  THESE FIGURES WILL BE UPDATED BY CT OPM FOR 2021.  THEY ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE.

In a typical year, application packets are sent out to renewing applicants by February 1.  The application period for new and renewing applicants is Feb. 1 - May 15.  Renewal applications are required every 2 years. 

If you would like to receive an application packet in February 2022, provide your name and mailing address to the Assessor using the contact information, below. 

Renters Rebate:
If you were a renter in Scotland during 2020, are 65+ years old on 12/31/2020 or totally disabled, and have a 2020 gross income under $37,600 (single person) and $45,800 (married couple), you may qualify for a tax relief grant of $50-$900, dependent on state funding availability.  Provide your name, address, phone number and email to the Assessor using the contact information, below.

Totally Disabled Exemption:
For an assessment reduction of 1,000 provide proof of total disability under Social Security or under any Federal, State or Local Government, and an application.

Ambulance-Like Vehicles Used to Transport the
 Disabled Exemption:
Certain vehicles specifically equipped for not-for-profit transport of a medically incapacitated or disabled person may be exempt from motor vehicle taxes.  Applications are due no later than 11/1/2021 for motor vehicles listed on the 10/1/2021 Grand List.  Applications for motor vehicles registered between 10/2/2021 and 7/31/2022 are due within 30 days of its purchase.  

Application information is on the right hand side of this page.  

Contact the Assessor for more information on these and other programs by email at or 
leave a message at 860-423-9634 ext. 104.   Your call or email will be answered within a few days.  


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Staff & Contacts

Kara J Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Tax Assessor

Staff & Contacts

Kara J Fishman, CCMA II, MAI
Tax Assessor
(860) 423-9634

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