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Power Emergency

Posted on
December 24, 2022
Emergency Management Director
The Community Room entrance to the firehouse is open and the restrooms unlocked for use by people without electricity. The firehouse has a generator, so hot water is available for showers. We are operating under the honor system. Please clean up after yourself so we can keep the facilities available until the end of the power  outage.

If you have other needs related to the power outage, please contact me at firstselectman@scotlandct.org or at 860 634 8410

8:50  am: I have just learned that AT&T cell service and landlines are not working, which means that people with those services cannot reach 911. I am trying to get Frontier and AT&T to get emergency generators to their equipment in town, but it is possible they will not do so. I'll continue to post updates here. 

9:45 am: I have requested generators for their equipment so that Spectrum landline and internet customers can have service. In response, Spectrum has escalated Scotland's cable/internet/phone outage. Perhaps this will lead to restoration of those services before power comes back on.

The firehouse will be staffed for the duration of the outage. If you have no phone and need emergency service, please drive directly to the firehouse. 

10:15 update: An AT&T representative says an emergency generator has been ordered for the cell tower. No restoration time available.

Noon update: Eversource's local liaison reports:
"Eversource is now prioritizing the damage that restores the most customers first. The highest number of customers out in the state is the Rt 14 damage in Canterbury. Fixing that should restore your critical facilities and most Eversource customers in Scotland. Separately, Scotland has been elevated in priority given 95% of customers still out."

Spectrum has brought in generators for equipment that should restore internet and VOIP phone in some areas. 

Frontier is also working on generators, as is AT&T. d

Eversource has repaired both problems on  Brook Rd., so when power is restored from Danielson (Canterbury), homes in those areas should get power back. Also, Brook Road should be open now, but i haven't seen it with my own two eyes.

The hose at the firehouse for non-potable water is out of service. It's being thawed now. If you need water  in the meantime, you may use the sink in the community room kitchen. 

4:20 update: Slowly but surely, Scotland residents are getting power, internet, and phone back. Spectrum. AT&T, and Frontier have all placed generators where they were needed to restore internet, landline-s, and cell service.  (Side note:AT&T filed a building permit this week to install a generator permanently at the cell tower on Rt. 14, so we won't have to beg them the next time.) 

About half the people without power have been restored, and the rest are estimated for restoration tonight before midnight, with most by 8:00 or so. 

Firehouse is still open and will be until everyone is back up.

I believe that at this point, we are only fed from Danielson. So until the mess near the dam is fixed, it will be a little fragile. But I think we'll all wake up to an electrified Christmas morning. 

Final update: we're down to the last couple of dozen homes without power. Eversource hasn't stopped, so maybe it'll still  happen tonight. If you don't have power tomorrow, and don't know why (service entrance tore off your house, something like that), and you want a hand navigating Eversource, feel free to send me email and I will see what I can do.

I hope everyone got through this little ordeal safely, and with only inconvenience. We should all be grateful to the people who helped out over the last couple of days by working hard and working together--Emergency Management Director John Beck, Fire Chief Jason Beaumont and his paid and volunteer crew, DPW Foreman Bill D'Appollonio, Ryan Beaumont, and Dan Savino. Probably others, forgive me if I forgot.