June is dog licensing month

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April 26, 2022
Town Clerk
JUNE is dog licensing month! All dogs 6 months or older must be licensed. Licenses cannot be issued for the new fiscal year prior to June 1st. Late fees apply after June 30th.
 To register your dog, please mail* or present the following to the Town Clerk's Office:
Ø  A current certificate of rabies vaccination must be presented.  A rabies tag is not acceptable.  
Ø  If a dog is neutered or spayed, that certificate must also be presented.  
Ø  If registering a dog for the first time by mail, please include application. Application can be downloaded from the Town Clerk's page. 
Fees for registering are $8.00 for a neutered or spayed dog, and $19.00 for an unaltered dog.  If a dog is not registered on time, a $1.00 per month late fee is assessed.  This is a statutory fee and must be collected. 
*You MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope for those registering by mail.
Dog licenses cover the period from 1 July of the current calendar year to 30 June of the next year.  The month of June is when all dogs in CT are to be licensed to avoid a late registration penalty.  We begin renewing licenses for the coming year on June 1st.
 A license is a lost dog’s ticket home!!!