Masks, Again

Posted on
February 28, 2022
First Selectman's Office
The CDC has issued new guidelines on masking against the coronavirus, and along with it a tool for determining risk at the county level. The new guidance, along with the Community Level Tool can be found at

According to the most recent statistics, Windham County is at the lowest level of risk. The CDC recommends that people living in low-risk areas stay up-to-date with their vaccines and test themselves it they have covid symptoms. As for masks, "People may choose to mask at any time," the guidance states. "People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask." 

Eastern Highlands Health District adds this guidance: "Although the current COVID-19 Community Levels indicate that wearing a mask is a personal decision, it is critical that we respect and support those who choose to wear masks, as some of our residents, employees, visitors, and customers may feel more comfortable wearing masks in certain setting, or have been advised by their doctor to wear a mask in certain situations."

In keeping with the new guidelines, as of tomorrow, 3/1/2022, masks will no longer be required for entry into Town Hall.