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Your Town Hall Needs You

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June 16, 2023
First Selectman's Office
Our application for a $1 million Community Development Block Grant for the renovation of Town Hall will be filed next Friday, June 23. This grant, if awarded, would fund just under one-half of the estimated $2.5 million cost for the planned renovation, and would be earmarked for improvements that will make the building more accessible and useful to the the entire community. Planned modifications include an elevator to provide access to the second floor and an addition to house it, safe and accessible parking, removal of the existing handicapped ramp (which is in the state highway right-of-way), and numerous changes to the interior floor plan. 

We have approximately $1.2 million from Federal and local sources in hand and the potential for another $300,000 from the State Historic Preservation Office. So CDBG funding, would provide  the amount we need to see the project through. If we receive it, then the entire cost to local taxpayers would be $500,000, which is money we have already put aside.

To secure the CDBG funding, it is important to show community support for the project. The best way to do this is to send me a brief email at, expressing support for improvements to Town Hall that will increase its accessibility and usefulness to the entire community. Or you can stop in at Town Hall or the Library and fill out the post card we have already printed for your convenience and leave it with the town clerk or administrative assistant. Please make sure to provide your name and address. We must have the letters by next Thursday at 3 pm. 

Please take a moment to support this project, which will benefit all of us.