Bass Road Bridge Opening

Posted on
August 23, 2023
Department of Public Works
The repairs to the Bass Road bridge over Merrick Brook are completed, and the bridge is open to traffic. In this project, we removed the prefabricated bridge that was installed in 2020 over the existing bridge. We then demolished the older bridge and installed reinforcements to the abutments carrying the prefab bridge. That allowed us to reinstall the prefab bridge and make it permanent. The bridge is still one-lane, in keeping with the low traffic count on that section of Bass Road.

The entire project, from the installation of the prefab bridge to the completion of the recent project, cost the town just under $400,000. It was designed, constructed, and funded locally, primarily with money from the state's Town Aid to Roads program. The recent project came in under budget (by $700) and ahead of schedule. We owe a great deal of gratitude to our innovative engineer, Charles Elias, and to Suchochi and Sons , the contractor who was willing to take on an unconventional project at a reasonable price.. And, as always to our road crew, who are willing and able to do pretty much anything.

With that price tag in mind, consider the estimate I recently received for the replacement of the bridge over Merrick Brook on Gager HIll Road: $3.6 million.  Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, that project can be 100% funded with non-local dollars, but all the more reason to be pleased at the outcome and grateful to those who made it happen.