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Eversource Tree Trimming 2021

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March 4, 2021
Department of Public Works
Eversource has released its 2021 tree trimming plan. This year, the company says it will focus on Pudding Hill Road, Rogers Road, Miller Road, and the lower section of Hanover Road, along with the section of Palmer Road (Rt. 14) from Pudding Hill to the Canterbury Town line.

If you observe a tree or branch that poses a hazard to an electric line, call Eversource at 800 286 2000 and report it. They are obligated to respond within two days and to report back to you on their findings.

For details on the locations of the planned trimming, please see the map.
eversource trimming map.pdf
For information about how Eversource decides what to trim, please see its brochure.
Prevent Power Outages_p1-2 - brochures.pdf