Statement from the Board of Selectmen regarding a Cyber Attack
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Information for Town Meeting

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June 2, 2022
Town Hall
The Annual Town Meeting is this evening, June 2nd, 7:00pm at the Scotland Volunteer Community Hall.  In order to help facilitate a smooth process, we will be checking people in at the door, as we do at Elections/Referendums as there is anticipated to be 4 items on the agenda that will be voted on by paper ballot.  Please bring a form of ID for check-in.  If you do not have identification, any elector whose name is on the official checklist, but who does not present adequate identification, is allowed to sign a statement under penalty of false statement on Form ED-681 entitled “Signatures of Electors Who Did Not Present ID,” prescribed by the Secretary of the State swearing or affirming that the elector whose name appears on the official checklist is the elector signing.

We have limited paper copies of the budget.  All documents are posted on our website: