Scotland Elementary School Principal AND Superintendent Searches Invitation to participate in Focus Groups and Surveys

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April 19, 2021
Town Hall
The Scotland Board of Education and the Scotland Elementary Principal Search Committee invite the school and broader community to participate in the search processes for 1) a new Superintendent and 2) a new Principal of Scotland Elementary School.

Late in April, Mary Broderick, CABE Search Services Consultant working with the Board and the Scotland Principal Search Committee, will conduct a series of focus groups via ZOOM to gauge the community’s perspectives on the strengths and challenges of Scotland Elementary School and the qualities, experiences, and characteristics desired in a new Superintendent and the new Principal. We encourage town officials, teachers, administrators, other staff, students, parents, and community members to participate. 


In addition, an anonymous survey, with a response deadline of May 7, will be available at this site: 


Feedback from the focus groups and surveys will be incorporated into leadership profiles that will guide the Board and the Principal Search Committee in identifying high-quality candidates who best fit the needs of the Scotland Elementary School at this time. The Search Committees expect to accept the profiles at meetings in mid-May.

"We encourage the community to be a part of this important process and look forward to incorporating the results of their participation into the Search Committees’ work,” Brynn Lipstreu, Chair of the Scotland Board of Education, stated.
ZOOM Focus Group Schedule:

 | Stakeholder | Date | Time
| Scotland Certified Staff | Tuesday, April 27 | 4:30 pm
| Parent | Tuesday, April 27 | 6:00 pm
| Community Resident/Town Staff | Tuesday, April 27 | 7:00 pm
| Non-Certified / Para-Educator | Wednesday, April 28 | 3:30 pm

Please contact Mary Broderick ( to receive a 
ZOOM invitation.